Tina who’s enthusiastic and diverse level of teaching has made things not only efficient and simple, but rather fun and entertaining!

Trent James,


Wow wow wow.. You cannot go wrong with choosing Rise Academy of Music, I know for sure I haven’t! As a passionate and learning artist who had zero singing experience and to match that; a voice undeveloped and no where near its potential I’m starting to feel more and more confident. The Academy has constructed many helpful vocal warm ups and coach guided practices that start at your basic level and become more and more challenging as you go on! Fortunate enough, I’ve been getting coached by Tina who’s enthusiastic and diverse level of teaching has made things not only efficient and simple, but rather fun and entertaining! This academy is home for not just your talent and natural singers but for anyone who wishes to pursue there love and passion for music. With many innovations on the way this is an academy to start to consider.

Her voice has become stronger, and more beautiful



Since my daughter started working with Tina from Rise Academy of Music, her voice has become stronger, and more beautiful. Tina has also given her the confidence she needs to perform. I highly recommend Tina if you’re looking for an inspiring vocal teacher...

"Psychologically minded and understands the human elements of singing"


Wentworth Point

I really like how Tina is both a trained teacher and a trained singer as they are a great combination for ... well a singing teacher! She is also psychologically minded and understands the human elements of singing and performing. I have gained a much better understanding of my voice, and the technical elements and foundations of singing this term. This has really helped with my performance and confidence. I just wish I could have lessons more often! Thank you for helping me to get better at singing!

"My wife and I took up lessons prior to our wedding with Tina"

Martin & Caroline,


Each lesson that we took was very well planned out and execute, resulting in great harmony between us. Tina had the ability to identify on area's that required attention in either of us and focusing on that. Tina made us feel welcome from the first time we walked in the door to the last lesson. The techniques that we learnt during the lessons were transferable to every day use for example breathing correctly and using the core muscles assisted in projecting our voices in a public speaking forum

"I have had many teachers in the past"



For the short time Tina has been my teacher, my overall experience of our time together has been wonderful! I have had many teachers in the past but even over the years I have been taught, none of these coaches have made me feel as welcomed, talented or special as Tina has. Her lessons in technicality are well thought through and easily understandable. It is her conviction and thoroughness of what she is teaching that has helped me soak up every new thing. I can’t express enough how Tina makes me excited to come to every lesson and how she has spiked my confidence. I hope to be taught by Tina for as long as she will have me! I have gained better breathing support through my now expanded knowledge of why a singer breaths the way they do (In only 4 short weeks). Tina is just beginning to explore with me correct microphone etiquette as well which is extremely exciting for me! Love ya work Tina, you’re great xx ;)

"She helps me manage my anxiety."



I love Tina. She helps me to manage my anxiety and give greater confidence in myself in my day to day life.I love all my lessons with Tina and would highly recommend her to others.

"She is the best"



Tina is extremely friendly and gets along with children sooooo well. I can say it with full confidence that she is the best teacher. My child started to love singing and gained a lot more interest. She only wanted to be taught by Tina. She learnt a lot of new techniques and exercises to improve and engage the core by herself. We feel lucky to have found her as our daughter first singing teacher.

"Solid coaching, positive reinforcement"



Tina is fun , motivating and brings out the best in my daughter Ava . She provides solid coaching, positive reinforcement and encouragement in a safe and secure but most of all engaging singing session. She has confidence to sing in public, a more refined singing voice, a strong focus on improving vocals in singing and also acting the song . Thank you Tina for 1 year of singing lessons .You have taken Ava from someone who would never sing in public to some one who could sing on a stage .....even on the Enmore Theatre stage with confidence and sass !!!...

"Tina is an incredibly knowledgeable and responsive teacher"



Tina is an incredibly knowledgeable and responsive teacher. She has a holistic, person-centered approach and uses her superior interpersonal skills to create a safe, warm, and fun learning space. Tina is very approachable and will explain concepts in an accessible and practical way, guiding the student through the process. By far the best singing teacher I have ever had! She has ignited my love of singing again and brought me so much hope for my own progress. Tina is very skilled in being able to practically demonstrate skills. At this stage, breathing, muscle engagement (core), and vocal flexibility have been practical improvements. Primarily Tina has taught me to recognize the emotional blocks that are getting in the way of singing and helps me to shift and unpack these.

"A highly positive experience"



A highly positive experience. Tina is very talented, motivated and loves her job. She has endless patience and motivation and is a great teacher. Thank you Tina. You have had a great impact on my life with your encouragement and vocal coaching

"I have learnt how to properly support my singing"


Hornsby Heights

Tina has such a lovely, bubbly energy, which immediately made me feel comfortable. She has a lot of knowledge and experience, which is very valuable to learn from. Tina is able to adapt her teaching to each individual student, and it has been both challenging and encouraging to have her identify and work on barriers I have, as well as my strengths. I have learnt how to properly support my singing, how to balance dynamics and volume, and, most importantly, I have begun to overcome doubts and presumptions I had about myself and my voice. Thank you Tina! :)

"My first ever acting Musical"



My experience being taught by Tina has been incredible and I have enjoyed every second of it and I think that I have learnt so so so much from Tina in singing and that I would really love the idea of it maybe even become my career when I grow up. I have learnt so so much from Tina over the past 3 terms and I have learnt how to be relaxed and calm when singing in front of a crowd and I have learnt how to use my core to help me sing and it will help incredibly well for my first ever acting Musical!

"I have improved so much in only a few terms"



I have improved so much in only a few terms, I feel very happy with the lessons. Tina is very encouraging and we always have a good time, learning and having fun. I have learnt how to breath in singing, make my voice stronger, and show emotions for the song. Tina is such a great teacher and has helped me improve a lot. Thank You!

"I no longer have stage fright"


Yowie Bay

I absolutely love Tina. Our lessons are amazing and I have improved so much. The lessons are always fun and informative. She keeps it fresh and goes above and beyond compared to lessons I have had with other vocal teachers.My breath support has improved dramatically under Tinas guidance. I no longer have stage fright and look forward to every opportunity to get up on stage and sing. I never would have done this before taking lessons with Tina.


I couldn’t recommend Tina more, she is kind, professional and keeps the lessons fun and exciting.

"My confidence has been improved a lot"



Tina is a great teacher I have learnt so much from her and can already see changes in my own confidence. My confidence has been improved a lot over only one term with her. She has taught me many different strategies and ways to cope with being anxious. Also has tested me and made me feel comfortable enough to step outside of my comfort zone, definitely helped.