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Luca. J

Vocal Excellence Award

Our scholarships are awarded to students demonstrating perseverance, passion and efficient and consistent practice during their vocal training sessions at the academy. Their diligence and persistence towards their vocal and artistic growth is evident through their consistent improvement throughout their weekly lessons. 

Our selected students are offered with a variety of artistic development packages to further encourage their development and support them towards discovering their full vocal potential. Some of the many experiences we offer are:

1. 5 x 45 minute singing lessons on behalf of the academy to support your vocal journey and thank you for supporting and contributing to the growth of our academy. 

2. 3-4 hour complete studio experience  recording your current cover song, recording in our vocal studio and creating a video. This video will be posted on our YouTube Channel (over 19k + subscribers) and will receive a copy of the finalised product. This is a great scholarship for students wanting to build a vocal showreel for auditions or agents.

3. 4-hour portfolio package  whereby you are invited to our studio for a professional photoshoot, with a variety of costume changes and a shoot off-site within the Forestville area. You will be briefed by myself and guided on taking a perfect shot with the help of our partners at Roundhouse Media.

4. The artistic development package provides a student with 5 x 90 minute lessons in songwriting whereby students work closely with myself to write and record their own original song. 

5. A professionally recorded music video and photoshoot  


Vocal Excellence | Rising Future | Leadership | Team Player | Artistic Influence

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