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musicians pilates 
private one-on-one assessment and workout plan

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About Our Program


Welcome to our exclusive one-on-one Pilates program tailored for musicians at Rise Academy of Music. We understand the demands of your craft, from long rehearsals to performances. Our specialized Musician's Pilates enhances posture, cardiovascular performance, and overall quality of movement.

In these personalized sessions, you'll receive a full body assessment, followed by an at-home program. Our goal is to improve posture, core strength, and overall conditioning, addressing the unique challenges of your instrument or singing.

Our certified Pilates instructor, Tina, will create a customized workout plan to boost your strength and flexibility for studio and stage sessions. Experience the difference in your musical journey – say goodbye to fatigue and discomfort at your next rehearsal or gig.

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Our first session  is designed to determine your goals and limitations.


Your first assessment will help us tailor your exercises to reach your fitness goals, avoid injury, and to keep you feeling your best.


The assessment includes an assessment of posture and a series of questions to ensure we design the right program for you. 





With the information provided from your first assessment, we will construct a program to suit your needs.  Some but not all our programs will include the following elements;

  1. Warmup and Centering

  2. Work the Whole Body

  3. Range and Rotation. 

  4. Modifications

  5. Interest and Variety

  6. A focus on presence of mind and body

Once this program has been designed, we will call you in for a 50 minute class, taking your through your customised  exercises program to ensure you have the confidence to continue your program at home.




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