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Unleashing Your Inner Voice: The Penta-Principles Guide to Becoming a Top Vocalist

Updated: Jan 8

So, what is it going to take to become the best vocalist you can be? I have developed the following PENTA-P’s strategy:


Knowing and understanding the fundamental truth about what makes a great singer is key in application. Once we know, understand and apply the foundations to singing, you will soon have the capacity

to innately up-skill your vocal technique and performance.


I’m sorry to tell you singers, but nothing good ever comes easy. There will be many days where you will need to accept the delays, the obstacles and the frustrations that can come with learning and mastering a ‘skill’. There are going to be days where you’ll feel tired, doubtful and stressed, but I can guarantee you, keep pushing

through these obstacles and it will get better. Embrace the mistakes and continue to FACE it until you make it.


Once the principles become familiar, they can then be applied. Practice is such a key component to mastering your voice and unleashing your full potential. The more you practice, the stronger and more agile your physical and vocal strength will be. However, don’t underestimate the importance of taking ‘vocal rest’. Your voice is a muscle and with efficient practise, must also be coupled with proper vocal rest to ensure your vocal and physical capabilities have necessary time to strengthen.


No matter the trials and tribulations that underpin your vocal journey, you must owe it to yourself to keep going. Your mindset and discipline play a crucial role in perseverance. The biggest and most ubiquitous inventions that we know of and make use of today are a direct result of ‘persistence’. You may not get it the first time, but you will get it! Achieving excellence is directly tied to a ‘habit’. Keep going.


Let your love of music and voice fuel your soul with purpose. No matter what obstacles may come, remember why you started, always put your heart in every song and with that, you can change the world. When it comes to performing a song, understand the meaning and even consider applying the lyrics to your own contextual circumstances. If you do not feel a connection to the lyrics or experience tension as a result of improper breath support, it is best to avoid singing it.


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