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Discovering the Value of Singing Lessons: Worth the Investment?

Updated: Jan 8

If you want to learn more about your internal instrument, strengthen your lung capacity, improve your vocal quality and technique while receiving immediate feedback and guidance, then the answer is yes! Here are some few things to ensure your getting the most out of your singing lessons:

1. Singing lessons should be instructed by a qualified and experienced vocalist. Seems like the obvious thing to say, but there are many singing teachers that are not able to demonstrate what they teach and are unable to communicate their knowledge in an effective way. Communication and demonstration is key! Just because you may have an experienced vocal teacher and/or working musician, does not mean they have the ability to teach.

2. Ensure vocal exercises are provided and a warm-up regime is in place. Continuously training your voice outside of the lesson will maximize the quality of your singing lessons in class. If you aren't putting in the practice outside of your lesson, progress will be slower and aspects of your lessons will be repeated. You get out what you put in.

3. It's like a personal trainer for your voice. You share experiences and growth with someone who loves music and singing as much as you. They identify your strengths and weaknesses, eliminate bad habits, develop good technique and overall, will always be your number one fan - and an honest one.

At the end of the day, you decide whether singing lessons are worth it. It is the passion and determination within you that determines whether singing lessons are for you. A vocal teacher is there to assist you in :

  • Developing vocal technique

  • Improving your psychology of singing

  • Expanding your range

  • Building your repertoire

  • Provide knowledge on vocal and stylistic nuances

  • Building confidence

  • Conviction and Story Telling

Unlike learning an instrument, singing lessons are an internal instrument that requires an understanding of your body, mind and soul. Singing lessons are designed to help you unleash your full vocal potential in a healthy, effective and technical way. A bond with a singing teacher is a bond you can have for the rest of your life. It is important to find the right teacher for you . They should always push you beyond your comfort zone, provide you with new challenges that test and grow your vocal ability, and will always have your best interests and goals at heart.

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