jesse turner

guitar specialist

Jesse is a fun, passionate and highly knowledgeable Guitar teacher with over 15 years of playing experience and 8 years of teaching experience. Jesse plays in 3 bands, composes music for a variety of different genres as well as writes his own music.


Having studied at the Australian Institute of Music and then transferring to the Berklee College of Music on Scholarship, Jesse is an incredible Musician who can teach guitar in any genre. His favourite genres are Progressive Rock, Progressive Metal, Soul, Neoclassical, Fusion and pretty much anything virtuosic.


Jesse has studied with over 9 different teachers including the world renowned Steve Vai and Chris Brooks. Whilst his playing experience is vast, Jesse is also extremely relatable, excitable, hard-working and organised. He prefers to teach his students through joy, enthusiasm and inspiration rather than the more traditional textbook methods. Having studied a double degree in Contemporary Performance and Audio Engineering, Jesse is also highly experienced in Songwriting and Music Production. He uses these skills to enhance his own music and his own teaching, to provide a more personalised experience for each of his students.