Thank you for being a part of our academy!

By registering with our academy and our teachers,

we thank you for accepting and respecting the following

terms and conditions, policies and procedures:

General lesson procedures

Students are encouraged to arrive to their lesson 5-10 minutes early in order to be relaxed and prepared for their lesson. It is expected that students will bring their materials to each lesson.

Without any given notice, students who do not arrive within the first 15 minutes, teachers have the right to forfeit the lesson without refund.


If parents or legal guardians are present at the lesson, we ask to refrain from communicating with students and teachers during lessons. Exceptions include: reasonable instances whereby teachers relay information (such as homework and practice requirements). This is to ensure our lessons run on time and as structured.


Casual Lessons

Casual lessons are offered and due to bookings, are subject to availability. All casual classes will align with the INSPIRE program. Payments for casual lessons are to be made at least 5 days prior to the lesson to secure the date and time. We do not offer refunds for change of mind.



Students are expected to arrive on time for their scheduled lesson. Lessons that start late due to student tardiness will not be extended.


Please be advised that upon the arrival of your lesson, a lesson may be in progress. Therefore, we ask that you please patiently wait outside until your session time begins so it does not obstruct or distract the current lesson.

Our Portal

Upon joining our academy, a one-off payment of $20.00 is required to generate a student profile within the MyMusicStaff portal.


MyMusicStaff is our lesson management portal. Within this portal you will receive your own login whereby you can see all lesson schedules, access educational resources, be notified of any changes or updates to your weekly lessons, receive any news updates and allows you to communicate with us in an efficient and easy way. In addition, MyMusicStaff, sends friendly reminders via SMS or Email regarding lesson bookings, cancellations or reschedules. In addition, this portal also provides access to your vocal workouts and any tailored resources such as recordings, worksheets etc.


Video/Sound Recording 

If you intend to take a video for online publishing, please advise us beforehand. Please do not record your lesson without your teacher knowing and kindly note that teachers may not want to be in video/sound recorded during lessons (we may not be camera ready!). Sound recording during lessons for the purposes of personal study (and not for online publishing) is permitted in consultation with the teacher.




A minimum of 24-hour cancellation notice is required to qualify for a makeup lesson.  Cancellations made under 24 hours will incur full fees with the exception of emergencies. Written notice via email must be provided 24 hours prior to the lesson.


Students under the age of 18 are not permitted to cancel their own lessons as we may not be in a position to confirm that parents are aware of the cancellation and the safety and location of the student. Cancellations must come from parents/guardians. If we receive a cancellation from a minor, we will contact parents for confirmation. 


We kindly ask students and families to check the MyMusicStaff login frequently to lesson times and potential lesson changes. Rise Academy of Music highly appreciates open and honest communication and expect a high level of responsibility regarding lesson bookings. 

Make-up Lessons

A maximum of two make-up lessons are permitted when a cancellation has been made on time (minimum 24hrs) and will be held within the term. Credit will not roll over to the following term. 

In instances where a teacher needs to cancel a lesson, a make-up lesson will be organised. If this is not possible, the lesson fee will be credited towards the following term. From time to time, our teachers, who are also working professionals, will be booked for professional and contracted work. In these instances, lesson bookings will be rescheduled accordingly.



In the instance that a student is unwell, please advise us via phone or email as soon as possible. Our cancellation policies apply to cases of illness however, teacher discretion and schedule availability is used to determine whether a make-up lesson can be re-scheduled. If the teacher deems the student unwell upon the arrival of the lesson, the teacher has the right to discontinue the lesson. It is up to teacher’s discretion regarding if a makeup lesson is required.



Lesson fees must be made a week prior to term commencement of the 5 week or 10 week course.

A 10% discount applies for 10 week courses that are paid in full, one week prior to commencement. 


If payment is not received by due date (one week prior to lesson commencement), the lessons will not proceed. Payments for casual lessons are to be made at least 5 days prior to the lesson to secure the date and time. We do not offer refunds for change of mind. We allow a maximum of two makeup lessons per term.


Music, Materials & External Performances:​

Rise Academy of Music will supply photocopies where sources are available, backing tracks, and vocal warmups are included for all programs at no extra cost. HSC and/or professional singers who require our teachers/singers to travel and/or perform at rehearsals, external performances, examinations and/or auditions, a fee applies.


Bullying & Harassment Policy

Rise Academy of Music is committed to each student’s success in learning within a nurturing dedicated, and safe environment that is free of any discrimination, violence, and bullying.


We require all students to maintain respectful behaviour in all lessons, and all activities associated with the academy and towards teachers and fellow students/singers, and parents. We also require all students and families to display respect towards our students and teachers in all online correspondence, including social media, email and/or related forums.  


Our teachers have the right to withhold all services from students in instances where disrespectful behaviour towards our teachers and/or any of our students (online, in studio or externally, such as school concerts) is displayed.

Child Safety Policy

Our studio adheres to the state guidelines, policies and principles on child safety in accordance with the NSW Office of the Children's Guardian. We have a specific child-safe policy in place and welcome parents/guardians to read this policy.


If students are permitted to travel alone to their lesson (such as from school),by their parent/guardian;  please advise us of this. In typical circumstances, and for young students, parents are required to drop-off and pick-up their child as close to their lesson/class time as possible. If a student is required to be dropped off earlier or picked up later, please let us know and we will endeavour to accommodate this where possible.


Confidentiality agreement

Rise Academy prides itself on quality pedagogy, respect, and care for all our students. As part of being a part of the community, we ask that all materials, lessons, structures, recordings and information obtained from the school remain solely for private student use and rehearsal (refer to Video/Sound Recording section). These materials are the essence of the school and we kindly ask them not to be shared publically or on any social platform without proper authority and permission.