LORD OF THE CHORDS : The Complete Edition

Transform monotone music theory lessons into dynamic educational experiences accented with major laughs, minor learning and an augmented love for music theory!


  • Major geeky fun with friends - For 2-4 players; Ages 10+; 30-60 minute playing time; 433+ hours of replayability

  • Get started with no treble at all - Easy to learn rulebook with instructive diagrams, including rules for easier game variants so beginners don't have to fret!

  • Trusted by musicians and board gamers - Struck a major chord at USD$ 232,323 raised on Kickstarter with over 4000 customers worldwide.

Rise Academy of Music are very proud to be partnering with Lord of The Chords and providing our students with a fun and educational tool to assist students in understanding music theory.

Thanks to Lord of the Chords, all Rise Academy of Music Students will receive a 15% discount at checkout when they use the code RISE2020.

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